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Finding Help for Major Depressive Disorder

Some of the most challenging relationships we have are with family members. We are bound to them in ways that are difficult to escape. Due to these relationships, the long holiday season may have exacerbated your depression symptoms. Or you may find your depression growing during winter for other reasons. However, being aware of major … Continue reading

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Continued Healing After Eating Disorder Treatment

An eating disorder is when a person possesses dangerously unhealthy eating behaviors, which puts their health and safety at risk in the short and long-term. When a person has an eating disorder, they have un unrealistic and incorrect view of their weight, looks, and health. Their perspective affects both the mind and body in life-threatening … Continue reading

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Writing Honestly

As a daily practice in my own life, journaling helps me immensely. Disciplined journaling can provide clarity, healing, and strength. Recently, I wrote an article for Germ Magazine, about the power of writing honestly. While therapy was the catalyst for my healing, writing has helped me sustain it. I hope it does the same for you. … Continue reading

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Gaslighting and Coercive Control

One of the more difficult methods of abuse to pinpoint is gaslighting. It is a harmful method of emotional abuse, which tricks victims into disbelieving their own memories. Occurring over an extended period of time, gaslighting can keep victims trapped in dangerous situations. Its tactics can help abusers hide their behaviors that they don’t want … Continue reading

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Hey Now! My Healthy Place Guest Post is Up!

Yesterday, my guest post went up over at the Healthy Place.  I’ve been a long time reader and fan of their work.  Seriously, it’s like WebMD for mental health, but better!  And that’s mostly because of the fresh perspectives from mental health professionals, advocates, survivors, or others currently struggling with a disorder.  *raises hand* But … Continue reading

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You’re Only As Healthy As Your Social World

We’ve all held on to someone who didn’t deserve to be there, and most of us still have someone in our lives who continually drains us: Someone who doesn’t add value. Someone who isn’t supportive. Someone who takes and takes and takes without giving back to the relationship. Someone who contributes very little and prevents … Continue reading

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YA Author Jasmine Warga on Depression and Suicide

Jasmine Warga’s debut novel, My Heart and Other Black Holes, follows sixteen-year-old Aysel, who’s obsessed with plotting her own death. There’s only one problem: she’s not sure she can do it alone. Once she discovers a website with a section called Suicide Partners, Aysel’s convinced she’s found her solution—Roman, a teenage boy haunted by a family … Continue reading

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Thoughts On My Stigma Fighters Post

It took me awhile, but I finally found the stomach to write about my own story.  I know other people, who I’ve never met, have certainly helped me by sharing their stories, struggles, and triumphs.  So despite my discomfort and chest palpitations–I hate when they return!–writing about the heavier aspects of my own depression, suicide … Continue reading