Healing from Narcissistic Figures with Terri Cole

As the daughter of a narcissistic parent, I’m always looking for more information from experts on this topic.

In my last post, I shared some new resources. But I’ve got one more to add to to the list! And, friends: you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without her. I feel incredibly grateful to have found the GREAT psychotherapist, Terri Cole, who is also an expert on narcissism and boundaries.

When she talks, I feel like she’s speaking right to me. Check out some excerpts of her work below. You’ll see what I mean.

For the past year or so, I’ve gone though waves of progress and regression. But I’ve realized more than ever that I need to concentrate on lasting healing. It has to be my main priority. I can’t let it slide.

So I’ve decided to focus more on discussing narcissism and personality disorders here at The Current Collective. If you have any blogs, books, or other resources on healing from Narcissistic Figures, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

You’ve got to deal with how angry you are. There is no way to heal unless you process your anger. With a narcissistic mother, you’re not going to work this out with her. This is about you working it out within you. And managing her, instead trying of changing her. It’s truly giving yourself permission to limit or cut off completely a narcissistic mother, if the toxicity that she is creating in your life is debilitating. Because you don’t deserve it. The mental illness that your mother has—she doesn’t have the capacity to take you in. A true narcissistic mother does not have the capability of loving you. You can sacrifice and throw yourself under the bus and do all these things that you’ve already done—and it won’t change her. And no matter how much you give, and do, and sacrifice it will never ever be enough. So don’t sacrifice yourself. Don’t do it. No matter how much she guilts you, limit your contact.

Terri Cole

You have a right to be seen and loved for who you really are.

Terri Cole