Why You Need a Support System During Recovery


Support is Crucial

All mental health practitioners agree that a trusted support system is necessary when recovering from addiction. Studies show that peer support groups, mentors, and inpatient and outpatient recovery centers can help prevent relapse.

It is also important that the people in your intimate circle (family, your significant other, trusted confidants) know about the changes you’re making in life post-treatment.

And while support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and others help tremendously, having a specific mentor can strengthen you even more. A mentor partnership will help you stay sober for good, maximizing the best parts of your new life.

How Having a Mentor Can Help During Recovery

  1. Mentors will guide you in creating new activities and routines.

In recovery, routines are crucial. Mentors help with planning specific schedules so that there is little room for old habits. They also help with real world skills that can help in your new life like creating a resume, working on your interview skills, and locating work opportunities.

  1. Feedback

Mentors offer feedback about how you’re doing during recovery. Their regular presence will encourage you to keep moving forward.

  1. Optimism

Mentors will increase your optimism by showing you what is possible. They are embodiments of your future. Purpose driven work, the chance to help others, and the chance live fully are all encouraged by their presence.

  1. Lasting Sobriety

Mentors offer one-on-one attention. They can help you overcome triggers that may threaten your sobriety in the real world.

They also provide crisis management in the face of a potential relapse. By partnering with a mentor, you’ll have a better chance of staying substance free.

Recovery Road

Overcoming addiction is a hard road. Sometimes, you may feel that recovery is impossible and that your addiction will always be there. But this is not true. You are stronger than your addiction. And with the right support, anything is possible.

Having a mentor is proof that someone overcame their addiction. They can help you transition to a life you didn’t think was possible.


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