How to Overcome Workplace Shyness

Some of us are born extroverts. We’re the life of the party, the center of attention, never afraid to speak up or speak out to get a point across.

But for others? We can be shy, especially at work. And that can have some effect on what happens to us at the office.

There are different levels of shyness; one level may mean that you’re hesitant to speak up in a meeting, while others may experience actual physical symptoms such as sweating or blushing. There’s nothing that you can do about that—it happens. What you can do is learn how to manage it better so that it enhances your work life.

For example, small goals are a great way to help boost your confidence—say, speaking up just once in a meeting to share an idea. Plus, the more you’re prepared, the better you’ll feel about deftly using your voice.

Want more ideas for managing your shyness at work? Use this graphic.

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