Coercive Control

Greetings new readers! I’ve been a little quiet for the past few months. But I’m back and I have great posts lined up, so stay tuned.

Until then, a little excerpt from a powerful, life-changing book on coercive control by Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD. I highly recommend it. I will be posting more on this book in the coming weeks. As always, I welcome your thoughts, comments, and insights!

“Coercive control often feels like love. Passion and companionship can exist alongside threats, punishment, isolation, and even physical violence.

Coercive control is a special type of punishment because it happens within a relationship of strong personal bonds, hopes, and dreams. Coercive control continues over a period of months, years, or decades—unlike a one-time assault by a stranger, for instance. Coercive control wears down a victim’s autonomy and sense of well-being over time. Between the direct acts of control and possibly violence, a victim lives in fear. The distress is ongoing, even during period that seem calmer.”

Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD