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Losing Your Partner to Social Media

Originally posted on MakeItUltra™:
Written by Eric C., MA., PhD Candidate (USA) Founder of: MakeItUltra™ “Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” ~Hermann Hesse 1. Relationships are being redefined as quantity is better The nature of a relationship is rapidly being redefined. It seems we are distancing ourselves further from true…

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Gaslighting and Coercive Control

One of the more difficult methods of abuse to pinpoint is gaslighting. It is a harmful method of emotional abuse, which tricks victims into disbelieving their own memories. Occurring over an extended period of time, gaslighting can keep victims trapped in dangerous situations. Its tactics can help abusers hide their behaviors that they don’t want … Continue reading

Mental Health

A Results Driven Approach to Healing — MakeItUltra™

MakeItUltra™ Psychological Services provides a goal oriented, solution focused and results driven approach to psychotherapy. We use a mindfulness-based approach rooted in Eastern philosophy combined with Western evidence-based techniques. We specialize in providing effective TeleHealth options for individuals outside of our region or for those who simply prefer the convenience of working from home. Click … Continue reading